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This resource is a list of links and descriptions for websites with useful business-related information, and a list of suppliers that have provided consistantly exceptional service and performance to Concept Worx. Sites with description text colored dark red use stealth data collection.

Federal Government Standards National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST): Source for a wide number of standards including Security (NISPOM, FIP 301 publications), and the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria. Many other standards. Census Bureau: Publishes the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes required on business tax schedules and used as a qualification to bid on government proposals. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA): Publishes the Standard Industry Classification (SIC) codes. Although superceded by the NAICS codes, SIC codes are still widely used. General Services Administration (GSA): Publishes standard government reimbursement rates for trip mileage by type of vehicle, per diem rates by city, and related items. The "de facto" standard used by most businesses. Department of Labor (DOL): Publishes and enforces employee labor laws. The website provides an excellent summary overview of the labor laws. Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS): Enforces the provisions of the Health Information Privacy & Accountability Act (HIPAA). Provides guidance to employers who provide health care benefits. Copyright Office: Registers copyright applications. Department of Transportation (DOT): Publishes hazardous materials classifications and enforces disposal laws. Source for information on the RECRA act that affects every business that disposes of old computer equiment and electronics.

Outstanding Suppliers Bodine Electric: Manufacturer of fractional horsepower Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) electric motors, controllers, and accessories. Quality and operation of motors and controllers surpass other suppliers. Exceptional followup calls after purchases. Average documentation. Good Field Rep support for OEM stage work although inferior for early product prototyping. If this company ever develops 1-50 hp motors they are likely to dominate their industry. Grainger. Supplier of industrial components and supplies. Exceptional at all levels. Extensive selection. Good pricing. OEM pricing. Prompt. Courteous. Well integrated customer care and fullfillment systems. Superb technical support including imagination needed for product prototyping. Melissa Lewis Dot Com (formerly Upside Down Speaking): Top rated keynote speaker, executive and team coach, addressing one of the most critical problem areas in business today - ability to communicate effectively - especially when speaking to audiences. A "game changer" consultant for the CEO and C-level/EVP/SVP staff.
toollessplasticenclosures Toolless Plastic Solutions. Manufacturer of plastic enclosures. Specializes in small production runs. Economical choice for the quantities needed for R&D prototyping, startup, and small business needs. Thoroughly professional, flexible, and responsive. Produces suberb quality products.

Virtual Resources IXQuick: An exceptional search engine with one critical advantage - this site does not secretly collect personal information using the stealth data collection methods used by the "brand name" search engines. Also provides a proxy viewing capability for privacy and security when browsing search results.