Concept Worx General "Conduct Of Business" Policies

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Concept Worx supports Diversity in hiring practices, choice of suppliers, and business relationships.


Concept Worx adheres to individual principles of honesty, integrity, and professionalism, and to the organizational principle of an interdependent global community, economies, and eco-systems within which businesses have responsibility for practices that better the social, ecological, political, and economic impacts to the entire global community. Organizational practices include: limits on executive pay, no political donations or lobbying, "Green" practices, and fair business practices.


Concept Worx hires only candidates privately referred. Concept Worx only reviews resumes submitted in response to a specific job opening, and retains only resumes as needed for Equal Opportunity reporting and other regulatory requirements for specific positions. All other resumes submitted are discarded and destroyed without review.


Concept Worx is firmly committed to respecting the rights of individuals and organizations to privacy. We do not collect information about website visitors by stealth techniques. We will not share information about our suppliers, customers, partners, employees, or our company financial or operational matters with anyone external to the company except for what is needed to conduct our business, and for cooperation with Government Law Enforcement Agencies or Courts, when necessary, or to comply with Public Law. We employ security measures to safeguard all information in our possession internally and externally.


Concept Worx protects information privacy and safety of customer, supplier, employee, and other information, via strong communications discipline. Expect all electronic communications to be actively monitored and blocked, redacted, or censored if needed. Expect data communications to often be file encrypted to AES standards exceeding former DoD 5200.1 specifications. Computers, Smartphones, and storage media, likewise. Additionally, resources expended on nuisance communications are minimized. Information is not provided to marketers or third-parties. Unsolicited sales/marketing calls and messages ("cold calls") are unwanted and vendors making such calls will be immediately and permanently banned from receiving any business from Concept Worx and subsidiaries.