Concept Worx Company Overview

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Business Type: Product Research & Development, Manufacturing, And Sales
Product Intellectual Property (IP) Rights Licensing Or Sale
Year Founded: 2011
Founded By: Raymond J. Lewis
Classification: Veteran Owned
NAICS Codes: 541490 Specialized Design Services
339999 Misc. Manufacturing
World Headquarters: North Carolina
Offshoring: None
Geographic Markets: Continental United States (CONUS)
Customer Markets: Business, Consumer
Sales Channels: Private contract, Internet mail order
Website URL:
Vision: Consistant and socially responsible innovators.
Mission: Evolve meaningful ideas into IP and into product.
Goals: Incorporate the entrepreneurial mindset.
Imagineer products that can serve human, social, environmental needs.
Protect intellectual and data assets.
Realize practical products via: R&D, manufacture, IP licensing or sale.
Manage the business with both integrity, and loyalty to people, before profit.