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Catalog Of Intellectual Property (IP) Assets


IP Assets Available
Lighthouse is a very compact battery-powered backup light that turns on automatically during a power outage. Lighthouse provides extremely long-lasting operation, requires no consumer battery replacement or maintenance, and has a size, design, and color that will fit nearly any decor, either at home or office.


IP Assets Available
The LM-220 Lawn Mower is an advanced technology cordless electric mower able to self-generate it's own recharge power as it works - which means it can be used non-stop for hours. It is designed to turn with ease around even the tightest corners of landscaping features. Virtually maintenance free, a quick rinse using a garden hose is normally all that will be needed for years. And, it features a fold-upright design that needs little storage space.


IP Assets Available
JoistWeb is a device for use in residential home construction. It is used to precisely space floor joist placement to building code, strengthen the flooring as a faster alternative to conventional wood bridging, and to organize under-floor utility placement (electrical, water, gas, HVAC).


IP Assets Available
Enlightened Art is a product primarily intended for artists as a means to experiment with integrating light and dynamic lighting effects with their art.


IP Assets Available
DarkSat is a space-orbital, planetary, climate-changing terraforming device. It changes temperature over a large area of planetary surface. Depending on location the effect can modify weather patterns for the better, or damage agriculture if used as a strategic weapon of war. DarkSat can operate in an Artificial Intelligence enabled mode autonomously and in a cellular automata manner.


IP Assets Available
The iCell is a coin size device that provides continuous electrical power. The iCell provides up to 160 VDC with an estimated operating lifespan of 3,000 years or more. Pre-charging and recharging are not required. The iCell can be used to replace conventional batteries, generators, engines, and more limited Quantum ElectroDynamics, at a low production cost.

The Process

Licensing or acquiring an IP asset is a simple seven step process. The steps are:

  1. Contact Concept Worx
  2. Execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  3. Pay earnest fee
  4. Negotiate
  5. Execute IP Licensing or Sales Contract
  6. Pay fee(s)
  7. Transfer IP assets

Note that license fees will not exceed the customary European Union (EU) limit of 4% of gross sales. This limit is to accomodate the many businesses headquartered in EU member nations and operating in U.S. markets.